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Home for the Holidays

I was very fortunate to grow up on a Southern Ontario dairy farm. Our house was the oldest home in Glanford. Built by Dr. Smith in 1865, just as the Civil War was coming to an end south of the border, just to put it into perspective. You might be envisioning a grand old dame of a home but, in reality, it was a glorified old wood cabin.

It made for chilly mornings in winter. There was no winter morning quite like Christmas morning though. Once the wood stove was fired up it made for a very cozy atmosphere. The anticipation of seeing what Santa had left under the tree, the sound of Mom already hard at work on our Christmas feast and the smell of the turkey in the early stages of its progress to

our table.

The very best part of those Christmas mornings though was the progression of family coming through our door. First, my Dad and brothers coming home from chores. Later my Grandparents coming to enjoy the spirit of the day with us. Lastly, to round out the day, all the neighbourhood friends for a game of pond hockey. In my memories there is nothing better.

Home is where the heart is. An old saying but very true. I'm sure all of us try to recapture those heart warming traditions for our own children. I know I do and I hope they do the same.

People are truly the heart of the home. We hope you get to spend time this Christmas with those you hold dear to your heart.

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